Deb Soule

Rockport, Maine

"By living here for so long, I have made this incredible relationship with place and land. I wouldn't trade that for anything."

Jenny Cirone

South Addison, Maine

"I had to ten traps when I was ten. When I was thirteen, I had one hundred forty five, me and my father together. I've got my license, and my boat is fixed. Chances are if I can walk, I'll be there lobstering."

Betty Weir

Cumberland, Maine

"Someone is always offering me a million dollars for the farm saying, 'you can live anywhere you want.' And I say, that's what I am doing right now."

Rikki Boehmer

Monhegan, Maine

"There is something about 'islandness' that is so special. Living on a deep water island, the land is so connected to your life."

Mary Philbrook

Presque Isle, Maine

"I knew I was a Micmac, but what that meant as a young person, I did not know. My practice is in the native spirituality. We are caregivers."

Leitha Kelly

Allagash, Maine

"The land and the love of the outdoors, and the hunting and the fishing, that will always stay in the family."

Sylvia Holbrook

New Vineyard, Maine

"I grew up here down the road. I bought this property in 1932, and started with a pair of oxen to pull a swivel plow. I'd hold the oxen, and my husband would hold the plow."

Carol Varin

Beddington, Maine

"This piece of land has supported us all these years, and it will continue to do so one way or another."

Jackie Lundeen

Mars Hill, Maine

"We farm eight hundred acres of potatoes and the rest in rotation crops. Farming is a way of life. It strengthens rural communities. I love the wide open spaces. The air seems so pure."

Gail Edwards

Athens, Maine

"I think of myself like a dandelion root, very deeply planted here."